Carsten-Thomas Dauer
Hotel Hellers Krug
Altendorfer Str. 19
D-37603 Holzminden



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Welcome to my Ham Radio dedicated Website


Ham Radio: talking to people worldwide, learning languages, getting news from all over the world, traveling the world, visiting friends, learn about their culture, Learn about Ham Radio. I started in 1989 when I was 16 years old. My mom and I were visiting relatives in Austria and we went hiking. I have seen a ham operator who talked to another ham via VHF-handheld-radio. Well, I thought this could be a good idea to play while being on a "boring" hike. Two days later I went to a kiosk to buy a comic. Beleive it or not, there was a ham Radio magazin (beam) laying next to Mickey Mouse. So I forgot about the Comic and my Ham Radio Carreer has begun..


DM9EE Shack

DM9EE Shack 2015

Meeting the local hams, joining the DARC, getting a license

I got my license after studying many technical books for half a year with another additional two weeks training camp in Uelsen. Got my VHF/UHF License on 16.08.1989 DG8OAR. DH2AAD followed after I learned morse code for 4 month (working 10, 15 and 80m then). After playing around on 10m a lot during an excellent solar maximum I passed the exam for 12 words per minute / 60 characters per minute morse code and got finally DL2OBO (18.6.1990). I wasn't too happy because I already knew then, that it's a very long callsign in morse code with many long dashes....anyway, I was just 17 years old and not trying to complain over the issued call......Meanwhile OBO turned into a nickname here and there.

With 17 years I operated from LX, 3A and HB0. I remember 1990 when my mother cruised with me through Monaco and I was keying to hams in the USA sitting on the backseat with a TS440 and a mobile antenna,hi. Later I was in 6Y5, UV3D, W5 and OD5.

tl_files/dl2obo-bilder/01home/myotherhobby.jpg   Beside Ham Radio I like sailing, photography and rideing a motorbike CBR1000F (max. speed 170mph or 270km/h) and photography - see my website.

I am 6.4ft or 1,97m tall and well, some say I have gained too much weight over the last years. I think I am just too small for my weight,hi.