Andorra C3

You can apply for a C3 Andorra License.

they might give you a license !

 You need an address and then they will decide if you get one. But it needs sometimes a year before they hand out documents. So this is not for last minute travelling. I never expected to receive a license here but tried to get some information for later holidays........

So become a millionaire, buy a house and ask for license maybe ?

The local radio hams will decide twice a year if they want NEW hams in their is not only the government who decides. Also the local amateurs make their decision.

 Even without license, Andorra is a very beautiful part of the world and one should go there to visit. You will love it !

 If I had to decide between 3A, HB0 and C3 I would choose C3, at least because of the great food :-) and the best location for working DX.

We just had one night in Andorra and returned to Barcelone because Julia had to work on Monday.

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