DL2OBO on DXpeditions



when going to remote places, we radio hams call it "dxpedition". Some go to small uninhabited islands, bring their tents, generators, put up antennas and make contacts to those staying at home to give them a "new country". DXCC is an award where you collect "countries". Each country worked is a point. So it is easier to work Germany because there are 80.000 hams in Germany. But a small country like e.g. Liechtenstein has only say 20 hams. So it is more difficult to get a point from Liechtenstein. Imagine a small island call "Bouvet". It is close to antarctica and give a point, although belonging to Norway. So hard man take an ice breaker and go to that island in the artic sea. Some got to Palau on honeymoon and operate SSB contest.....even more dangerous than Bouvet :-)


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