HB0/DL2OBO Diary 03.January - 11.January 2009


On 2.January 2009 we started our HB0 tour with a first stop at an old friend Mike DL3NED who I know since 1995 or maybe even earlier. I haven't seen him a long time and he lives just on the way to HB0. We had a nice evening and our two ladies had some hours to talk about our crazy hobby and other important things :-)

The next day we started for the last usually 2 hour drive from Nürnberg to Liechtenstein. But we had a lot of queuings and it took us 7 hours ! Normally form my home QTH Holzminden it takes only 6hours / 600km !!!

Well, so we arrived late in the Cottage and the other years I normally set up a first antenna to be QRV on 40m and let the world know that I arrived :-) But we both had a cold and fever and needed a few days to recover from that. It not only kept me away from building my phased antennas but also did not allow me to stay awake all the night as I did the other years.....I slept 2 hours... 
On the second day I set up my 27m vertical antenna. It is a portable military mast with a fishing rod on top. It was linear loaded with a delta shape It had 4 elevated radials and was brought to resonace with a rollercoaster (variable coil). It also had the Dx-engineering current choke at the feedpoint. 

Conditions were very bad as I felt. Just a very few W/VE stations were calling. No JAs until the last night ! Really bad condx. Normally I had pile ups to North America, but just a few callers, one by one. I was wondering first if the antenna was not built in good way, but it is the same type and setup I had the last year too and I worked easily into W6 on topband. This time just a handfull W7, no W6 on topband. On the 4 day I could set up my 80m fullsize Vertical, also with 4 elevated radials. The Antenna Analyzer from Funkamateur helped me a lot. 7J4AAL and JA5AQC were on 80m and we made a QSO but they were only RS55 on 80m SSB. Last years, Kan 7J4AAL with his 5el 80m Yagi was 59plus every evening. I worked nice EU pile ups and hopefully have often enough asked EU to QRX to check any DX stations calling. Weather was nice all days. Mostly blue sky and sunny. plus 5C Daytiem and -15C night temperature. Back home in DL at my home QTH the had -20C. It was a ver cold weater, which wasn't the last 15 years or so, they showed on TV. We had no problem with the weather but wis our fever and cold. Bad Condx really were frustrating. Being here and knowing that the JAs are looking every evening for HB0. I was calling for 15min without any answer. Not even from USA. Sometime not even EU was calling. This is makeing tired. 

Every morning I checked 40m long path into JA and also worked some ZL and VK on 40m CW. The problem from HB0 is that if you want to work towards East (JA, VK, ZL) you always have high mountains in front. So you need a low angle antenna for the dx on 160m. But first have that mountain, which shades all signals. 

No problem to North and South America. Free view to there. Look the pictures. The FT1000MP and the Ameritron AL1200 were working good. I had an ICOM7000 and a ACOM2000 as spare rig with me. My Mercedes Vito Bus was heavily loaded and no more space to put anything else in. I was equipped with so many things that one could build 4 stations from it The last night conditions improved and I had a nice 160m opening to JA and I also worked ZS1REC and ZD8UW (who was loud on all 3 bands I operated and I always worked him on the first call!!! Totally I made 2713 QSOs in 2009. 699 on Top Band. 669 on 80m 1345 on 40m which comes from very nice EU runs On 40m 48 JAs + VK6WC,VK6IR,VK3EW, VK3EG, VK3EGN
I worked 38 JA on 80m ( JA2VPO, 7J4AAL and JA5AQC also in SSB, all others in CW) On Topband I worked not many western states of the USA, just to mention a few: AA7A, W7IZL,K0KT,NT0V I only worked 58 USA on Topband this year 2009, compared to a few hundreds in 2008. (bad condx) On 80m VK3PA, VK4MA (SSB!!!), VK6HD
The Chalet Barsüla will no longer be for rent. It has new owners and they want to use it more privat.....
I found another QTH wich is maybe even better for JA and VK but there are other houses around which can be a problem for TVI and noise. The chalet Baruela has nearly no neighbours or the houses are not often occupied.....
The mountain top restaurant Sareiser Joch will also be renewed and they will no longer let hams be active from there so HB0 is getting more difficult to work for DX stations. EU stations have normally no prblem getting a QSO on all bands with HB0.....
But for topband long haul DX it is definately getting a bit worse. Thank you for reading all this. Thank you for working me. If one from DX wants to join me to operate from HB0 let me know. I have all the equipment here to operate 4 stations.

M0TCA recordings

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