JA5AQC and DL2OBO on a 7000km+ roundtrip through Europe - visiting 16 countries - meeting with 100 friends


Friday 20.10.2012 pickup Masaru-going to DL2LZ

I picked up Masaru and we drove directly to Ray DL2LZ. We of course inspected first the 80m 4 square, then the shack and then Ray had prepared a dinner with homemade boar ham and fresh bread.

Friday, 22. June 2012 - going to Ben OZ8BV in HB9 Switzerland

Ben invited us to a delicious BBQ in Möhrlin-Switzerland. We enjoyed the hospitality, Masaru made many QSOs via his remote station in Denmark. Unfortunately the Swiss police made a nice picture of my while speeding.....    53km/h instead of 50km/h..... 33 Euro for 3 km/h too fast...... swiss police is as accurate as swiss clockworks.....  :-)

Saturday, 23. June 2012 Ham Radio Fair in Friedrichshafen - visiting the Ham Show and meeting many

staying at the "Adler" attending the RRDXA meeting.

Sunday, 24. June 2012 - still at Ham Radio then going to HB0CC Liechtenstein

After the Ham Radio Fair we went to Ivo HB0CC in Liechtenstein. Masaru enjoyed the excellent station and ran big pile ups to Japan and worldwide. I worked 3 hours on installing a new mobile antenna to my car only to find out that my IC7000 had a broken main unit......I showed Masaru the variuos places where I worked from in HB0 . Chalet Barsüla and Chalet Wanni. Also went to Malbun and many other places.