antenna setup

DM9EE antenna setup
DM9EE Antenna setup

DM9EE climbing tower

DM9EE climbing the tower

sunset from the tower

DM9EE tower sunset

Optibeam antennas at 103km/h storm at DM9EE

drone flight over my 80m 4 square (no towers)

flight video !

important: watch in HD 1080 and full screen...... there is some sound, hope you like the video

Antennas at DM9EE home QTH

Tower 1: (Dantronik)   Tower 2: BP 60 telescopic


Optibeam OB 17-4
3 element 40m
4 element 20m
4 element 15m
6 element 10m

2m Yagi 18 element 

inverted L for 160m



Optibeam OB 7-2

3 element 17m
4 element 12m

Optibeam 6-5
5 elements 6m Yagi


80m: full size free standing 4 square ( DX engineering)

40m: full size free standing 4 square ( Comtek)
30m: single vertical


Various multiband verticals:
Butternut HF9V
GAP Eagle
Hustler 6-BTV